About Exquisite


Welcome to Exquisite, come visit the superstar team in Rototuna Hamilton and achieve the best beauty results that you deserve.

At Exquisite we believe in empowering people with confidence and solutions needed become the best version of themselves.

We do this because we know that each person who is uplifted, encouraged and made more confident through our treatments has a greater impact on the world, positively effecting the community around them.

Each solution we design is purposefully created to achieve results, help restore confidence, celebrate self-care and redefine beauty on your own terms.

Real People. Real Journeys. Real Solutions.

  • Authenticity is: Our commitment to show up every day as our most genuine, Honest and real selves ready to contribute our own unique qualities of greatness to the group atmosphere and each and every client.
  • Communication is: Our responsibility to both clients and co-workers to convey all meaningful information in a simple, educational, timely and appropriate way (Clear communication ensures happy clients, great team work and culture)
  • Excellence is: Our drive to create a company that exceeds expectations in service, product, technology, quality > quantity, utilising our expert knowledge to achieve results for each our clients, at every visit, every time.
  • Fun is: Our belief that laughter and lightheartedness deserves a place in every area of life, including the workplace.